Episode 115 – A Conversation with Davi Ottenheimer

Byron speaks with author and security expert Davi Ottenheimer on the relationship between ai and security.

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Davi Ottenheimer

Davi Ottenheimer is focused on cultural disruptions of emerging technology and the ethics of defense, with over 25 years of experience in global security operations and assessments, including digital forensics and incident response. He is currently working on the forefront of adapting and applying security models to preserve human rights and freedoms, helping to ensure a brighter future on a trusted and respected web (realities of securing big data). From 2017 he helped clean up and close the door on ransomware for a non-relational database vendor that set authentication off by default, rapidly bringing to market cutting-edge privacy (field-level encryption) as well as automated configuration (first ever non-relational DB DISA STIG). Ottenheimer received his postgraduate academic Master of Science degree in international history from the London School of Economics.