Episode 118 – A Conversation with Rob Lubow

Host Byron Reese speaks with special guest Rob Lubow to discuss the nature of AI, writing, humanity, and machine learning.

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Rob Lubow

Rob is one of Botcopy's three principal cofounders and collaborates on all major aspects of product & business. Rob’s primary leadership role is on the marketing side; ensuring the right messages reach the right people in the right way, owning marketing strategy, content production across all channels, and SEO/SEM. As a certified Google Cloud Partner and bot builder, Rob teaches monthly closed online classes on bot design/writing & best practices for Botcopy’s enterprise and Fortune 500 clients. Frequent writer and speaker on conversational AI tools and techniques, and the social and economic impact of automation technologies as they begin to encroach on tasks that perennially require human-level cognition. He is featured in The Transhumanism Handbook available on Amazon.

Rob is on the Advisory Board of the Cognitive Bias Foundation. More on this at bias.transhumanity.net.